ESLPro is our new designed linguistic writing and reading software uniquely poised, and carefully crafted to address Philadelphia public schools’ increasingly unmet needs of ELL, ESL and  special need students. After 3 years of data gathering from our after school and Summer programs, our Deputy Director, Dr. Beals has helped developed the software. ESLPro is designed to bring students to complete mastery of the grammar and writing in English.

Uniqueness of our Program: The curriculum consists of  125 lessons and 5,341 exercises, it provides customized practice at all English levels; offers interactive feedback; keeps track of student’s progress; collects comprehensive data reports, and can be monitored remotely.  ESLPro teaches students how to put words together in the correct order, with the grammatically correct endings attached to them. It also covers all the basic sentence patterns of English, from simple sentences to highly complex ones.

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