The inception of Women’s Empowerment for Leadership of Excellence, Action and Development(WELEAD)was motivated by the great work of two foundations, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women(CBFW)founder Mrs. Blair(picture), spouse of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair), and Women Campaign International(WCI). The program strives to primary empower African Women, both from the diaspora and their homelands, giving them the abilities and skills necessary to achieve their full potential. The program will equip women with proper training and a specifically designed curriculum to effectively plan their development. This will allow women to advocate for their personal agendas. To do this WELEAD will rely on both social media to share inspirational stories to strengthen members and local and global networks to exchange knowledge and best practices.

Mr. Koussi and Mrs. Cherrie Blair, founder of the Cherrie Blair Foundation and spouse of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair

Women met to strategize on promoting and facilitating partnerships among women that surpass ethnic, religious and social backgrounds for the advancement of the African Francophone women in the Tri-State area.

Henriette Ekwe Ebongo from Cameroon (center), recipient of the International Women of Courage Award, March 2011presented by Mrs. Hillary Clinton