Palms Solutions partner’s Women organization CEDIF with 1000 members (Ivory Coast)


The inception of Women’s Empowerment for Leadership of Excellence, Action and Development(WELEAD) was motivated by the great work of two foundations, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women founder Mrs. Blair(picture), spouse of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair), and Women Campaign International(WCI).

Objectives: Our program is dedicated to provide African immigrant women looking for vocational training,  with knowledge necessary for their personal social and economic development within a supportive network. Welead also provides them with tools to engage in their children’s learning experience and academic achievement including, intensive and subject-focused ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons, basic business level finance classes, sewing courses, and Micro-finance.

the Strategy: Get the African immigrant Women together who know how to sew and design clothes. Set them up with supplies and a space to allow them to express their creativity while learning English, Math and basic financial tools. Math is everywhere in the sewing process, and can’t be avoided. Math and sewing can therefore be blended together in order to create a delivery method that teaches sewing while at the same time strengthening English and critical thinking skills.