TIMBA an afterschool program that incorporates Technology and Inquiry into a Multicultural Bilingual Academic setting. As described below, TIMBA provides programs including Critical Writing, STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as  Mentoring and community projects initiatives. TIMBA is primary designed to accommodate students from cultural, social, economic, and racial backgrounds, while providing them with a supplementary learning environment that prepares the students for the careers of the 21century. TIMBA is also about boosting the students hope for the future by exposing them to universities such as PENN. Click here and enjoy one of Lea’s students visit at the institution. Our partners include PASA(Penn African Students Association), the Philadelphia West African Diaspora community, Penn Critical Writing Program, local educators, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the Graduate School of Education and Monumental Baptist Church.

                                             TIMBA‘S PROGRAMS 

Critical Writing: Under the supervision of Dr. Ross, the Critical Writing class has blossomed. the students has developed great interests in reading and writing. Last year, the program successfully motivated and excited the students about reading, and also learning how to develop the skills of thinking both critically and creatively. The program continues to also greatly help African francophone immigrants students (like Gamei feature on the video) who are having problems adapting to their new environment, and developing their writing and reading skills. TIMBA, through its unique teamwork approach help these issues effectively.

IMG_1450FRENCH: Given the increasing number of African  Francophone immigrants going to public schools in West, and South West Philly, TIMBA has introduced French in its curriculum last year which positively impacted its ESL group. Because of the success of its program, TIMBA is extending the French to non French speaking students this year. The aim is to reduce the bridge between the two groups and let them benefits from bilingualism. If you are interested in helping advance the program, please consider joining us via info@palmssolutions.org. Your help and expertise will be a great asset to the program.                                                                 

Science: Our instructor and program Director Dr. Pohlschroder, designs projects and experiments that are effective approach to STEM education, and encourage Scientific and Engineering Practices based on crosscutting Concepts. We are looking for more volunteers, passionate about Science and willing to continue make our Science sessions fun and attractive to the students. You will be given the opportunity to help design and implement great educational projects, along with the students and other instructors. if interested, join us, via info@palmssolutions.org

Math: The session brings these in-demand skills to kids who crave the opportunity to do more, to do better, and to build a brighter future. Through the session, Dr. Beals, along with Beth Randell and Penda Gandega take students out of their normal learning environment and inspire to them to take an interest in Math. The exposure of the students to the love of Math at the early age, help prepare them to embrace the discipline, and develop skills necessary for their academic success. We are still looking for volunteers( teachers, students, parents) please join us via info@palmssolutions.org if interested.

Programing: The programing class teaches basic coding and programing to diverse groups of students from elementary to high schoolers, to prepare them to live up to the technology challenges of the 21 century. This year, Dr. Beals intends to have students build and achieve projects based on their own high expectations. If you are both, ready to train the next generation of innovative programmers, and excited about sharing your talents and passion with highly motivated elementary, middle and high schoolers, we hope you will consider joining us by sending us anan email via info@palmssolutions.org

Community Project/Mentoring: The program celebrates cultural differences through activities that include community projects, mentoring and peers discussions. Our emphasis is placed on valuing each other traditions and cultures by fostering interactions among students and between parents from different backgrounds. The program is ran by our  Community Advisory Board (CAB) comprised of teachers, parents, students and representatives from the community. Please join us via info@palmssolutions.org