IMG_1608_face0Our faces, our stories highlights the stories of immigrants and the communities that have embraced them. It is our way to share with the world how grateful we are to Philadelphia our host city, and its institutions for giving us another chance to embrace and make the best out of what life has to offer.. Although in many instances, we continue to endure enormous hardships and challenges to reach our dreams, nevertheless, we remain optimistic and determined to be successful citizen.

IMG_1470_face0Our faces, our stories is our little secret coffee hour room where we spend our weekly hour,  getting to know and encourage each other, by sharing our  journeys including struggles and successes. A place where our children can express their experiences, by creating both written and visual interpretations of their journey to, and in Philadelphia. Our faces, our stories is also a reminder that diversity should never be taken as liability but rather an assets for the empowerment of our community.


IMG_1285_face0Some of our students refugees and immigrants, have witnessed family members being beaten or killed, others have spent many years in limbo living in refugee camps. Every student’s journey is unique but they share similarities such as leaving a homeland, overcoming difficulties and above all, hope for the future. As we feel truly blessed to live in Philadelphia, we are  hoping that this part of our programs will help our host communities to put faces to the stories of immigrants, and refugees, and come to realize that we are not that different after all..

Caroline Amangoua Representative/Partner of Palms Solutions in Ivory Coast(French Speaking Country)

Jean Marie Kouassi, Founder of Palms Solutions, The African Francophone Diaspora Global Initiative



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