• Sep 22/2013: Palms Solutions, founding member of P3(Philadelphia Plays for Peace)was proud to introduce the African’s team to the Mini World Cup P3.
  • Sep 20/2013: Palms Solutions was invited to join MOIMA staff, friends and supporters in a VIP tour around the city as we explore the multicultural diversity of our city thorough its culinary assets. Eat, Sip & Tweet while visiting seven ethnic themed restaurants and bars around the city. Our tour was as listed below:

    5:45 PM Cuba Libre (Cuban)
    6:45 PM Era Bar (Ethiopian)
    7:30 PM Moriarty’s (Irish)
    8:15 PM Graffitti Bar (Asian)
    9:00 PM Tootsie’s (Soul Food)
    9:45 PM Brauhaus Schmitz (German)
    10:30 PM Cantina Los Caballitos
    11:15 PM Return to Cuba Libre

  • Sep 7/2013: With the collaboration of the communities, Palms Solutions has facilitated the first kickoff of PACONP.
  • June 2/2013, in order to mobilize and harness the strength of the Diaspora, for local and global initiatives, Palms Solutions has joined forces with the African Leaders to create PACONP(Philadelphia African Cup Of Nations for Peace)
  • May 20/2013, big celebration at the closing of TIMBA.
  • April 7/2013 in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the monumental Baptist Church, Palms Solutions has created a garden to help with the nutritional education of the students.
  • February 21/2013 a new STEM application was successfully introduced and master by the kids. The approach was holistic in the sense that it considered the multicultural setting of the classroom to better equipped the students.
  • February 4/2013 an M.O.U is signed between Palms Solutions and PASA(PENN african Students Association) to help mentoring the kids and also have a great experience understanding the concept of multiculturalism in an academic setting.
  • January 12/2013 Palms Solutions offers 72 Winter Jackets to the African Immigrants community
  • January 4/2013 TIMBA resume at both Lea school and the Critical Writing department, at they university of Pennsylvania