Clara Ng, former PENN student with the kids in the village Fouh (Mali)

V.O.I.C.E. (Volunteers Overseas Impact through Collaborative Efforts) presents local opportunities to get involve in programs such as TIMBA, while promoting human resource and virtual information exchange through Diaspora-led investment initiatives in Africa. V.O.I.C.E results in the transfer of skills from experienced professionals to partner organizations and the communities they serve. Volunteers are required to have substantial work experience and adapt their skill sets to meet the needs of the organizations and communities they serve. Long-term volunteers (9+ weeks) develop projects that assess organizations and their programs to make them more efficient. Short-term volunteers (4-8 weeks) work toward building a greater capacity at an organization.

T.E.A.M(Transfer of Expertise for Achievements that Matter) is a program designed to allow expatriates from programme countries to return home for a period (2 weeks to 3 months) in order to contribute their skills and services to their homelands development. (Designed based on Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals’ mission) TEAM is exclusively committed to poor and rural communities. The program’s core value is to recognize the poor as individuals with both, the right to identify and prioritize their needs and the opportunity to design their own futures. TEAM encourages immigrants to develop businesses in their countries and get involved with the economic and social development of their homelands.                                                                                                                    

Volunteers in both programs will be assigned leadership positions depending on the length of stay, and the involvement with the projects.

If interested any of the program, please contact, for more details.

Palms Solutions in the midst of women of Fu, a village at 30 km from the Bamako(Capital of Mali) for the Women's empowerment project

Ms. Clara Ng from the university of Pennsylvania spent three weeks in Mali, doing research on alternative diets for diabetic people, and also create awareness about the deadly silent disease.