TIMBA Youth Empowerment

An After-School program that incorporates Technology and Inquiry into a Multicultural/
Bilingual Academic setting (TIMBA).  This program is geared toward the children of the African Francophone Diaspora with support from the Graduate School of Education and Critical Writing Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

TIMBA Events

TIMBA 2011

[spoiler title=”Henry C. Lea School’s Champions trip to University of Pennsylvania, 12/22″ open=”0″ style=”1″]As part of its holistic approach to our educational program, Palms Solutions took 10 students from HENRY C. LEA SCHOOL to the University of Pennsylvania, where they visited the Microbiology and critical writing departments and got a chance to meet […]

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African/Carribean Business Counsel Meeting

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2011 Events




1. Palms Solutions selected as emerging Henry C. Lea Scholarship organization in Philadelphia. Comcast selected Palms Solutions as an emerging Henry C. Lea Scholarship organization, featuring the organization as part of a documentary broadcasting WCI and its partners.

 2. Palms Solutions at the African and Caribbean Business Council (11/11).  Palms Solutions was invited to the […]

Women of courage reception/photos

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[spoiler title=”Community Empowerment Strategic Planning Meeting, 12/11. ” open=”0″ style=”1″]Women met to strategize on promoting and facilitating partnerships among women that surpass ethnic, religious and social backgrounds for the advancement of the African Francophone women in the Tri-State area.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”First meeting of WELEAD with the African Francophone women in the Tri-State area, 11/11. ” open=”0″ style=”1″]Palms Solutions organized […]

Palms Solutions presents microscopes to Henry C. Lea School

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