Focused: We focus is to first reintroduce the African Francophone countries to the U.S and through create opportunities for both continents to utilize their human and financial capital, for inclusive and sustainable development of the underprivileged communities. Our activities revolve around education, civic engagement, entrepreneurial opportunities and livelihoods sustainability, that cultivate cross-cultural competence and mutually productive exchange.

Targeted: We give special consideration to gender issues, focusing in part on the concerns of women, youth and children. We also do recognize the particular needs of indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities.

Sustainable: We design and manage programs and projects for quality, impact and sustainability. We are committed to ownership and leadership by poor rural people themselves.

Core Values/Advocacy: Our three core values are social justice, human rights and financial sustainability. we provide a national voice and advocate for the interests of the rural communities we serve and also  promote proactive policies and programs to assist their initiatives.