Palms Solutions  envisions a world where all people have access to direct economic and social resources, and where lives and communities wellbeing become basic human rights .


  • Motivate Community Ownership: We partner with leaders, organizations, and our local and international stakeholders committed to change, action, and social justice. We stress community ownership and participation before launching initiatives, especially in our volunteer and student programs.
  • Build Capacity: We strengthen the skills, competencies, and abilities of the leaders at our community-based partners and of our student and professional volunteers. We educate and train, facilitating the sharing of best practices across all of our stakeholders to support our partners’ priorities. We train our local community partners how to be active in economically and environmentally sustainable programs through community assessments, project design and management, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. We also connect our partners to experts and other local resources.
  • Be A Bridge: We relentlessly build a network of students, professionals, and passionate advocates for our community-based partners to access. We connect this network of assets and volunteers with the work of our partners through our international exchange programs.
  • Change Perspectives: We share our experiences and learnings about the complexities of development with friends, family, and colleagues. We promote cultural exchange and sensitivity, encouraging a reflective approach to navigating cross-cultural issues, confusions, and tensions.
  • Abroad Opportunity: Our service provide students and professionals with intensive training in grassroots sustainable development while also providing human resources and technical support to our partner organizations. Palms Solutions matches talented and passionate college graduates with grassroots organizations working across Africa for yearlong service projects. Our program is open to graduating seniors and professionals from any college, business organizations, or university accredited in the U.S.