IMG_0817Our Rationale: Many of the African immigrants in the U.S  have advanced knowledge, a clear understanding of their countries of origin, and a desire to leverage their professional skills, to positively impact the economic development of their homelands. To engage these individuals, Palm Global works in both the U.S and Africa

In the U.S: We are encouraging the Diaspora by maximizing the following:

  • Human Resources/Social capital: Mobilization of the Diaspora in the United States under consortia. Chapters are being put in place in each major city to accommodate the flow of new recruits.
  • Financial capital: The Diaspora Investment Funds“DI-funds” will be structured to direct the contributions from the Diaspora, in support of projects that are sustainable, replicable and with a return on social investment. The program will operate through remittances.
  • Voice (Volunteers Overseas Impact through Collaborative Efforts) consists on building an interactive database that will have the capacity to match the needs of a designated African country with the expertise of the U.S immigrants.

CIMG0074In Africa: We work to create better economic opportunities for poor rural people, particularly in the areas of micro enterprise, education and basic health and advocacy.  In concert with the communities, and local grassroots organizations we design, develop and promote entrepreneurial, managerial and technical skills to train them to be producers and entrepreneurs. Our activities include:

  • Capacity building for self group lead by women as well as grassroots organizations.
  • Remit/Micro-finance projects design to promote entrepreneurial activities.
  • Leadership Capacity Building  Palms Solutions aims to work in concert with the consortia of First Ladies including the wives of governors, mayors village chiefs, within each african Francophone country, to address and propose concrete and scalable solutions to  issues that are hindering the well being of the women and girls, and community at large living in each country.

Ambassador-Meryl-Frank-Deputy-U.S.-Representative-to-the-Commission-on-the-Status-of-Women-Mr.-Kouassi-Congresswoman-Marjorie-Margolies-President-of-Women-Campaign-at the African Union Summit In Ethiopia