is our new designed linguistic software carefully crafted to meet the writing and reading needs of ELL, ESL and  special need students Click on ESLPro above for more info. […]


The Community Garden Project (CGP) is an initiative of Palms Solutions and the Monumental Baptist Church in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, teaching children about growing food with a focus on […]


Palms Solutions, the African Diaspora Global Initiative, has been privilege to connect and network with individuals and organizations that continue to support its efforts to […]


 The inception of Women’s Empowerment for Leadership of Excellence, Action and Development(WELEAD)was motivated by the great work of two foundations, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women(CBFW)founder Mrs. Blair(picture), spouse of former […]


TIMBA an afterschool program that incorporates Technology and Inquiry into a Multicultural Bilingual Academic setting. As described below, TIMBA provides programs including Critical Writing, STEM(Science, Technology, […]


V.O.I.C.E. (Volunteers Overseas Impact through Collaborative Efforts) presents local opportunities to get involve in programs such as TIMBA, while promoting human resource and virtual information […]

Palms Solutions (The African Francophone Diaspora Global Initiative) is committed to supporting the Francophone Diaspora by fostering cultural, social, and economic partnerships, between the African immigrants, their homelands, and the United States. Palms Solutions represents more than 13,000 African families living primarily in West, Southwest and Northeast Philadelphia, as well as the Delaware Valley.

Our programs are also destined to both provide our host country with crucial comprehension tools to understand the complexity of the immigrants we represent, and help our constituents get an extensive grasp of their host country’s business trends, culture, politics, society, religion, media and more. In so doing, Palms Solutions aims at challenging perceptions and deconstructing stereotypes, while equipping our partners to become better informed stakeholders, and to develop cross-cultural business partnerships.

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